Friday, March 15, 2013


Like a recalcitrant child, the runaway has returned. 

Reality is under no obligation to be realistic. 

Hondo is back.  As Sarah was preparing to get into Brian's so generously loaned car and drive back to OKC she got a call from the Sherriff's department.  They had found Hondo and he was in 'fair' condition.  Of course he was in 'fair' condition when we last saw him.  Essentially nothing changed.  The only thing even missing was the papers in the glove box.  Sounds scary, but Sarah had gone through all of that prior to leaving the car in a hotel parking lot in Ft. Lauderdale for a month.  It cost around $200 to get him out of the impound yard.  She drove him home and is now safely in Oklahoma getting ready to take over for Michelle.

Something totally unexpected being trumped by its own and even more unexpected reversal. 

I guess Hondo still sees enough adventure left for him with us. 

In other news, I wasn't as grumpy today as yesterday.  I think the extra work of 1st call day served me well.  We were in Costa Rica and I managed to get off long enough to make a few small purchases.  And, we parked next to this really cool ship.  Sea Cloud II.  Square rigged tall ship.  Awesome. 

Today I was reflecting on what a grumpy prick I was yesterday.  I started to think about the other cool things about this job and I came up with a few more things.

Sandra, Mary, Ayu, Chris, Jon, Kelli, Captain Willems, Badar, Jay and so on and on.  Again, in no particular order.  The people have been cool and very friendly.  I have only come across one or two that even began to rub me the wrong way.  I minimized how friendly they have been whilst enjoying my pity party and I shouldn't have. 

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