Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Third call day, sea day.

After leaving the infirmary at around 0100 this morning, I went in to the room and the TV was still on...rerunning Lincoln.  There was about an hour left until the part where I had been called away and I just couldn't resist.  So I stayed up and watched it then went to bed around 0300. 

That decision didn't really seem all that bad until the next call at 0730.  Luckily it didn't require much time and I went back to bed until just before lunch. 

Then I go an email from Sarah.  Somone stole our car from her parent's driveway.  Of all the places we have been and all the places we have taken and parked that car for extended periods, to have it stolen from her parent's drievway seems weird and oddly fitting.  I like to think that Hondo the Adventure Car just got mad that we were taking the ships on adventures and not him so he ran away.  No use dwelling. 

I did get laundry done tonight and then got my haircut.  Do I go to the fancy salon upstairs or to the chair in the hallway below decks?  Need you even ask?  I sat in the chair before a plain square mirror suuspended by a string on the bulkhead while Ungtang danced about me.  He weilded old clippers held together by white athletic tape and his crush grip.  After a brief moment with the scissors he moved on to the clean up, for which he used an old fashioned double edged razor blade pinched between his sweaty fingers.  Fantastic haircut.  If I still had the beard it would be longer than my hair by far.  He charged $5.  A bargain at twice the price.  Every once in a while other Indonesian crew would walk by and double take at the shirt down here in their world.  They would speak rapidly to each other and the only word I could make of the conversation was, "Doctor". 

Oh yeah, I barely left the cabin today.  I was engrossed in a book called Mountain Madness which is the biography of Scott Fischer who died on Everest in the 1996 storm.  Quite a good book.  Now I am reading Mountain Medicine about a doctor in Hood County Oregon who performs mountain rescues.  I sense a theme.

Wherever Hondo is, I bet it is an adventure. 

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