Sunday, June 24, 2012


I talk about working out a lot lately.  So, if you are bored with the details of today's exercise, skip the next paragraph. 

I am tired.  I put in some good work today.  It was the usual run to the park followed by the usual circuit.  This time, instead of going home, I ran further.  Made it all the way out to Highway 101.  This took me over a hill which I then had to turn and re-climb.  Total of 450 feet of elevation gain.  Then, on the way home, I stopped at the park for a slightly less strenuous version of the usual circuit.  I did 10 pushups instead of 20.  To make up for it I did 4 sets of pushups instead of 3 and added a set of box jumps to finish it off before heading home.  Total workout time was around an hour and forty five minutes.  Distance of the run was 7.5 miles and the running parts were done in a little over one hour and ten minutes. 

I came home and cleaned up.  Got something fixed on the truck that had been bothering me.  Then I remembered I had to go in to the hospital to get a TB test read.  So we decided to stop afterward and take the kids to see Brave.  It was OK.  A little more intense than the kids probably needed, but fun. 

Whoever made the decision to put commercials up on the screen while you are waiting for the movie to start is an asshole who should be beaten.  Also, thirty minutes worth of trailers is a bit excessive don't you think?  Thirty full minutes.  Prices are bad enough as it is.  It's like they don't want us to go anymore. 

Then we went and got mediocre Thai food and came home.  Max has been out of sorts all day.  I don't know why.  Sometimes the little rugrats are just like that I guess.

Back to work tomorrow with three days in a row coming up.

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