Friday, June 29, 2012


I thought I would get more done today.  Another resounding chorus of 'oh well' rang through the hall.

I did get a few things fixed.  I did not get in the workout that I wanted.  My energy and motivation levels are crap right now and I don't really know why.  So instead of working out I worked on IRV.  Last year on the trip to Vancouver we drove through some really high winds in Wyoming.  The winds were high enough that when we stopped driving because it was too windy and sheltered in the RV, the pneumatic shock that holds the door ripped off.  The plate that holds the bracket to the door pulled free and broke the pop rivets out.  Well, I bought a pop rivet gun and fixed it.  Then I caulked around the top of it to keep water out of the cracks around the holes drilled for the rivets.  Hope it works.  It has to be better than the duct tape covering the holes and the bungee cord holding the door open though. 

And when I took the RV to Ventrura to get it fixed, the tight turns near there forced me into a curb check over an apparently frequently curb checked curb.  Curb.  Anyway, that caused a plant in the bathroom to fall and break the toilet paper holder off of the wall.  I attempted a fix of that today too.  We will see how it works. 

Helped Sarah with the laundry, goofed off online for a while.  The AFO forums are doing much better than I thought they would when I started this.  I only hope they can continue.  IT is amazing how much it helps me to have a group like that around.  I finally finished the rough draft of the first chapter of a book I am writing today.  It will be my first crappy novel if I can finish it.  The challenge ends tomorrow and I can't wait.  I want someone else to set the challenge.  It is more fun to write that way I think.

Then we went to the Avila Beach Farmer's Market for fish tacos and fresh fruit.  While we were sitting at the beach eating our food we were joined by a nice younger couple we are expecting their first child.  He is a helicopter pilot from Washington state and she works and lives here locally.  They were cool and it was a lot of fun to talk to interesting adults and adults without children no less.  And yet the conversation still revolved in large part around kids.  It was good.  I hope they do well.  They really sounded as though they had their stuff together and will do wonderfully. 

Then home for the nightly routine.  Tomorrow, back to working out.  The Tough Mudder is drawing closer. 

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