Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been a few days.  Three days at work and then today.  Work days eat so much of my time that I don't post often when I am in a stretch.  Can't talk about the patients much anyhow.  I will mention one thing though.

The RV backs up to a grassy dune here.  The full sand dunes are on the other side of the park.  The kids have been playing hide and seek out in the grassy area, the dog goes potty out there.  It has been a general use area. 

When I am was at work the other day Sarah calls and tells me she sees a mountain lion outside the back window.  It was walking across Michael's secret hiding place.  The kids don't play hide and seek out there anymore. 

Worked out today.  The same 7.5 mile run with two workouts at the park.  Got the start time and race day information from Tough Mudder.  It is very real and very soon.  Nothing to it really.  Just go. 

Ned was outgrowing his house.  He is supposed to get to 18 inches or so and was living in a 10 gallon terrarium.  We decided to get him a 20 gallon version and were planning a trip.  Michael volunteered to kick in all the paper money from his birthdays and whatnot that he has saved.  $23.  "It is my lizard after all."  So proud of the kid. 

We went to the birthday party of a girl Michael and Max met a week or two ago at a park. It was great.  Old school with a magician and party games.  Low key and fun.  At the end the kids went to play on an above ground trampoline and my heart jumped.  I've seen too many injuries from those things.  Still, I let them jump for a while.  After the second time Max started crying because he bounced his head off the trampoline or pinched his leg in a spring, we called it a day.  I still don't know why everyone doesn't dig a hole and make the trampoline ground level.  Grannie was ahead of her time. 

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