Saturday, June 30, 2012

There are no beginnings but humble beginnings

7 minutes.

It was the amount of time we had to run a circuit at the beginning of the year in my wrestling class in high school.  The circuit meant jogging through the wrestling room, the football locker room and down two flights of stairs before sprinting the length of the basketball court and then jogging back up the stairs to the wrestling room.  It was hell.  And the coach gradually increased the distance to ensure that it always was. 

7 Minutes.

That was the time I decided to run back in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Run for seven minutes.  No matter the distance.  Ended up being a little less than half a mile.  It was hell.  I thought my lungs and head would explode and my legs would just quit.

Today was the biggest workout before the Tough Mudder.  I work tomorrow, am off the next day.  I will probably do a moderate intensity workout on that day because it seems silly to kill myself the day before two consecutive 12 hour shifts in the ED which, due to the holiday are likely to be pretty busy. 

Today's workout totals were this:

7 sets totaling 110 pushups.
6 sets totaling 35 pull ups
6 sets totaling 6 minutes in the plank position
3 sets totaling 10 diamond pushups
3 sets totaling 15 chin ups.

4 sets of running totaling 10 miles in 1 hour and 42 minutes.  It was a personal best distance so that automatically makes it a personal best time.  I could have done it faster, but apparently Satchel has about a 7.5 mile limit.  I had to drag him a ways.  He still ran, just wasn't going to go fast.  At all.  I will leave him at home on the longer runs from now on. 

All of it started with 7 minutes.  There are no beginnings but humble beginnings.  Yet they can lead to really great things. 

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