Saturday, May 5, 2012


Day 1 of the Grand Canyon.

We got up and managed to get out reasonably early.  We were on the road before 10 am.  That is good for us.  Drove up and started taking pictures.  It's weird.  It is almost like the canyon is too big.  So far this place hasn't has as visceral an impact as some other places we have been.  I really want to go down into the canyon and I think that would make a bigger impact.  I don't think that is in the cards this trip though.  We still don't have plans for tomorrow though. 

Turns out there is only about a 25 mile stretch of road along the South rim that you can drive with a few scenic overlooks present.  Looks like there are a ton of hiking trails that would lead to a better experience, but with the kids, mom and the dog in tow, that isn't happening.  Oh well, again a reason to return someday.  Much like Yellowstone, there is far too much to see and do if you only have two days.  So we hit the high points.  We took 195 pictures, a few of which actually turned out pretty good.  I will post a couple here and some on Facebook as well.  The full picture and trip report will have to await a better internet connection and a less exhausted narrator. 

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