Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I know...I know...turn LEFT in Albuquerque.  We ARE headed to Pismo Beach after all. 

Today's drive was better.  I watched the elevation increase and the view became more interesting.  Pulling Irv in this situation is about heat management as much as anything else.  The truck has power enough to accelerate up the side of a mountain.  The problem with doing that is that, at the top, the truck catches fire and leaves a black mark for all future passers by to see.  Not good.  So you balance your speed against your cooling system and daydream about the day you will have enough extra (HA HA HA...extra.  That is a good one. You ever have extra money?   Me neither) to buy the deeper transmission pan or the upgraded coolant tubes or whatever else unobtanium doodad would help.  Oh well, the Civic couldn't really keep up anyway. 

When we got to the RV park, there isn't any WiFi, so no pictures tonight.  Not that we took any anyway.  Instead of going to the Sandia Tramway tonight, we went to Petco and bought more crickets for Ned.  We met a nice employee there named James who taught us a ton about crickets we never knew.  Thanks James. 

The site here is horribly unlevel.  How hard is it to make a simple, level RV site?  Apparently it is some weird alchemy that only a select few know.  The site here is not level front to back or side to side.  Adding both my 2x12 board and my lynx levelers wasn't enough.  We are still a quarter bubble off in both directions.  Seriously...at least try. 

We will try to rest tonight and do some sight seeing tomorrow.  Maybe there will be enough bandwidth to upload at least a few pictures.  The question will be do I add them here or Facebook.  We will see. 

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