Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Busy day today for such a day of rest.

We got up and I decided to go for a run.  Only made it two miles.  It wasn't the altitude entirely, although that did probably play a role.  I just got tired of running around in circles around a small RV park.  I did get a little dizzy and a slight headache.  Turns out that running at 6500 feet is different when you are used to running at 1200 feet.  Yet, I can still do it.

Then we went to look at RV's. My mom and Michael and Max all wanted to go to the RV store and look at RV's.  The kids always find this enjoyable and I think mom was daydreaming about a nice class C.  Pete Wiserman, the salesman, was really nice about it.  He knew right from the start we weren't looking to buy and weren't even from the area.  Yet he took us around and showed us all the new stuff and the fanciest motorhomes.  They had a good selection and their prices were pretty reasonable.  So, if you are in the market for a new or used RV, check out Pete at La Mesa RV in Albuquerque.  There, I feel a little better about wasting his time.

You know, the guy at the Petco was friendly and knowledgeable.  As was Pete, as was the waitress at the restaurant Pete recommended.  It seems like this place is full of smart, friendly folks.  I would love to do a contract here.

After that we went home for some coffee and a nap for Nana.

Then we went to the Sandia Tram.  Way cool.

I will add pictures to the Adventure Nickel website when we have a better connection.  Nana was scared all the time because of the steep drops and our kids.  The grand canyon is going to be tough on her.  Turns out Max did fall, but it was while chasing a moth in the visitor center while waiting for the tram to arrive for the trip down.  Smacked his head pretty good too.

We were up there for a beautiful sunset.  Another good adventure day.

Tomorrow we head out to Meteor Crater.

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