Friday, May 4, 2012


Woke up this morning at 0600.  These time changes are getting to us.  Since I was up early anyway and we didn't have a long drive, I decided to go for a run.  The elevation is still taking some getting used to, but I want to run in it because the Tough Mudder will be at 7000 ft.  Gotta get used to it.  So I ran.  The mile markers for the drive out to the crater lined up such that I was hoping to get in 5 miles.  Ended up being 4.86.  Sigh. Had I known, I would have just kept going long enough to make it an even five.  Oh well. 

Still a good run.  Next time I will try to remember the sunscreen. 

Then I showered and we took Mom to the Meteor Crater.  We had time for the rim tour as it was starting when we walked in.  Interesting.  I have been to the crater enough times that I could certainly have done without it, but Mom hadn't seen it.  It was also a mile hike.  I don't normally run that far then go hiking.

Back home, lunch and then the open road.  Short day, only about 100 miles.  Flagstaff is still very pretty. 

We stopped in Williams AZ.  Sarah and Mom went to the grocery store to stock up.  Tomorrow we see the canyon.  Tonight is tostada night.  I LOVE tostada night.  I will try not to eat so much I throw up. 

Another night with poor WiFi, so just one picture.

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