Saturday, April 26, 2014


Made it.  A little over halfway there! 

Today we crossed right over the border into Wyoming and then turned around.  I can literally see the welcome to Wyoming sign from the RV park.  We originally planned to stay here two nights.  Good thing too.  There are some storms coming through and it seems like a good idea to hunker down and wait for them to pass tomorrow while we hang out and wait.  Then it is on to our first real touristy thing and visit Devil's Tower. 

So, just a short drive today and then taking it easy tomorrow.

Looks a little different here.

They have a train here that takes you out among the bison.  Probably tomorrow.

It's opener there, in the wide open air.

The kids like it.

Fire cannons!
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They wanted me to spin them.

I may have spun too fast.

Possibly snow tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Karen. I have been getting some good skies lately. Makes it easier taking pictures.