Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's always windy in Wyoming.

Seriously.  Both times we have been here, it has been just obscenely windy.  The first time we were battling 40-50 mph head winds with gusts to 70.  This time we are just dealing with 30-40 with gusts to 50 or so.  Gah. 

So we hunkered down today and tried to rest after not sleeping much last night.  Turns out listening to the flapping and banging of the slide toppers billowing in the wind while wondering how much damage they would do if they ripped of and how expensive that would be is not so conducive to sleep. 

Oh well. 

We decided today to do laundry.  And then to do some more touristy things here at the Terry Bison Ranch. 

Such as...
The Knight of the High Plains.

Giddy Up!
There is nothing more terrifying than staring down the Knight of the High Plains and his trusty steed.

With all that excitement complete, we decided to ride the bison train.  The owner of the property had his workers build a track through one of the pastures and then had them build a little train that could run on said track.  It is all pretty obviously home made, which I think makes it cool. 

The weather was crappy.  High winds with stinging sleet and snow were the order of the day. 

Once out among the bison, we learned some history and bison facts from our tour guide and also some anecdotes from life on the ranch. It was pretty cool  The really cool part was when they opened the door. 

These things are huge. 

With a surprisingly prehensile tongue. 

This one is name Gene Simmons. 
Old Gene just wants a kiss.  
Then we went and finished laundry.  We hope to be up and out of here tomorrow, but the weather is a bit iffy.  Supposed to ease up tonight.

All in all, the Terry Ranch is neat.  If you are passing through it can be worth a visit. 

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