Friday, April 25, 2014

Return to WiFi

Well, it's been a minute.  What have we been up to since leaving Houston? 

First night, Sanger, TX.  No internet connection, but they had Alpacas!  Who wouldn't trade a wireless internet connection for some cute alpacas.  That let me make jokes about the coming alpacalips. 

Oh yeah, this rig moves. 

Wagon Master RV park.  You just knew a sunken wagon wheel would be somewhere.
Storm clouds heralding the ALPACALIPS!

The next night, we were in Oklahoma.  We stopped at one of our favorite old standby places: Firelake Casino.  They let you stay free for up to three nights with a player's card.  It is just a strip area at the back of the parking lot with an electric and water connection, but you can't beat the price.  Until this time anyway.  Apparently they are under new management.  It is now the Grand Casino and they charge $50 a night for a space in a parking lot surrounded by semi trucks and without sewer hook ups.  $50 a night is more than I paid at Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.  They should just change it into a regular parking lot, no one is staying there at that rate. 

So, we moved over to the Shawnee Expo Center.  Much cheaper, quieter and prettier. 

And we got to get some visiting done.  My sister lives halfway between Shawnee and OKC.  Mom came down, we had a great time. 

Beautiful sister and her horse friends.

Stinkin' horses.  Don't ask.

Awww. ain't she cute.
The boys found a ready made fort.

Sarah and Nana in deep conversation

We were sad to leave all our family behind, but starting to shake off the lethargy and get a little excited about an adventure again. 

Then we hit Kansas.  And the wind. 

And...well, I'm sorry to say this Kansas, but every time I have ever stayed in Kansas, that is Eldorado, Assaria and now Russell, it has smelled strongly of poo.  Cow poo, to be exact.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement.  Sorry. 

Reminiscent of the 1920's.  Still smelled of poo.

Blowing the kids around.

They advertise for miles and miles, then it's closed with a for sale sign in front.  What have they done with the world's largest prairie dog?

Oh yeah, and no internet connection.  I actually had to interact with my family.  Gross. 

So today we drove on.  We headed west until we finally hit it.

We found a tiny campground called Shady Acres WiFi campground.  Did they have wifi?  You betcha!  So you guys get a blog post. 

We took the kids to a park.  I even got in a run, although I forgot to bring some oxygen.  It is 4700 feet here and I couldn't find any lying around. 

And we finally get to fill a gaping hole we have been after for a few years. 


  1. If you're driving through Utah, I better get a wave!

    1. You would get more than a wave if we were. Alas, we are after that Montana sticker too. We will be taking the northern route.