Sunday, April 20, 2014


That's it. 

For a while at least, I get to put down the nursing hat and become a traveler.  Usually the best part of this job.  Hopefully that will entail getting back to writing about things and taking pretty pictures and whatnot.  This contract has been about doctor's visits and dentists and car tags and mortgage stuff, but mostly soaking in the presence of family.  That isn't very glamorous or exciting all the time, but it is essential. 

And now we move on.  We will be taking on one of our trademark once in a lifetime country road trips.  Seems we have done several of these once in a lifetime dealies, might want to rename them I guess.  This one will cover 2500 miles over a couple of weeks and should have some pretty scenery and unexpected somethings. 

So, what did we do in Houston?

I replaced a toilet.

New shiny toilet.  YAAAYYY!

Old gross, broken toilet.  BOOOO!
I'll spare you all the gory details...for now.  MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

The kids played..

There was school work to be done.

Working on reading.
Working on the latest results from the CERN collider. 

We rescued a very friendly frog.

Oh yeah, there was this wedding thing too.

No Comment

Aren't they a good looking bunch. 
We did some of that Zombie Jesus Day stuff too.

But most of Houston looked like this...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. 


  1. Hi there! Your lovely wife also did a lot of yoga! My kiddos (Simon and Eli) will sure miss your boys. We wish you all the best as you leave town and hope to keep in touch! - Karen, Simon, Eli

  2. Awesome. I have been without internet for a while. Glad to see your comment. I think Michael texted Simon today. Technology is cool. I hope we keep in touch too.