Sunday, May 19, 2013


Kind of a crazy day.  I was up late a few times last night as I was first call.  When you are awakened at 0200 by the phone, it can be hard to get back to sleep after.  So, we slept in this morning. When the kids did wake up, they just started playing with a new Lego set that Michael bought with some leftover birthday money.   "222 pieces and I put it together in probably less than an hour."  Since they were having a good time and somewhat distracted, we decided to skip breakfast. 

Eventually we got up and got ready, then got lunch.  After lunch we took the kids to the kids club and Sarah walked around with me while I checked CPR masks, AEDs and wheelchairs.  While I am doing this, the phone rings and it is Scott from the kids club.  Max hit his head and is asking for Mommy and Daddy.  So we got there and pulled him out, then took him for an ice cream.  Eventually the story comes out the there is this girl who kicked him yesterday and then again today.  So, we are trying to deal with that crap.  Part of me wants to tell him to just punch her right in her face, but I didn't.  Yet.

So, then I go back to wheelchair checks and right as I finish, I get a call from Sarah.  There is a tornado that appears to be right over Michelles, and our, house.  So I head back down to the room and yep, it sure looks that way.   I try to call her and get no answer, and no answering machine.  Yeah, I know, she still has an answering machine, but it let me know the power was out when I called and it didn't pick up.  Eventually we get hold of her and she tells us it appears that the tornado just missed her and went on to smash the town where I graduated high school.  She reported that the truck made it through OK and she thought the house was fine, but would go check a little more and I should call her right back.  So I hang up the phone and start to tell Sarah all about what Michelle said and my phone rings again.  I am needed in the medical center. 

I get there and am informed that tomorrow I am supposed to give a class about first aid and hypothermia tomorrow and again the next day from 9-12 using this 52 page power point presentation this other guy made.


So, yep.  I on for tomorrow.  When I express a little touch of dubious WTF, everyone else looks at me like I am being totally unreasonable.  Why does this seem weird to me.  Everyone is always asked to teach a three hour class on less than 24 hours notice.  Sometimes I hate this job. And I usually love to teach stuff. 

Then back to the room to call Michelle back who tells me that a hailstone around the size of a tennis ball broke through the skylight in our bedroom and was melting on our bed.  If that is the only damage, we are lucky.  Of course, there are supposed to be more storms tomorrow.  YEAH! 

How was your day? 

So, the first two pictures are some catch up pictures from Ketchikan.  I like them.  It is a pretty little town.

Now, Michael and Max assembling the Lego AT-RT. 

Playing with the finished product.

Michael always looks a little crazy because he doesn't want to look right into the camera. 

Max, however, knows right where to look.

And in a minor miracle of modern technology, here is the hole in my skylight at home. 

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