Friday, May 17, 2013


We went to Ketchikan yesterday I think, it was raining and kind of dreary.  We decided to walk to a funicular car we saw in the distance.  And no, I didn't know it was called a funicular car at the time; I learned that later.  Just this time we rebelled against the constant need to document our every step and left the camera, the good camera, on the ship.  Sarah brought her phone for a quick snapshot or two. 

We wandered abou the excessively touristy cruise ship port area and up to the funicular, which is a hillside rail.    It was two dollars each and Max was free.  Nice.  The kids were grumpy and didn't want to do anything, so we drug them outing and crying. 

Then we wandered down to a fish hatchery which turned out to be closed and then wandered home.  Nothing exciting. 

Today we cruised south, headed for Victoria.  We have decided against going out.  It seems silly when we only have an hour or two.  We arrive at 6pm and stay till 11pm.  Young party people may like those hours, heck old party people might too, but we have the kids and the kids have a bedtime.  Tonight we stay aboard.

Some other trip highlights, we found gold in Alaska.  Juneau to be precise.  And it may be glitter, or a broken pen or something, but I call it gold.  We shall soon be fabulously wealthy.  Also, today I saw a whale leap out of the water entirely.  Michael was able to see the splash, but everyone else missed it.  They could only see the white water disturbance.  I teased Sarah about it mercilessly.  They only jump for me.  And...well, that's it really.  Not a ton going on.  It has been kind of nice.  I got some sleep last night.  I hope that trend continues. 

I heard that my grandfather's funeral was a party and a celebration of a life fully lived.  That is awesome.  I wish I could have been there.

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