Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Glacier gazing day! 

This one was a little different than last time for two major reasons.  First, I was first call and confined to the dungeon.  Boo...hiss.  I only managed to get up above decks for a few minutes, but I did bring the camera, which leads me to the 2nd main difference.   It was a beautiful day.  Just gorgeous.  So, there are a few decent pictures.  I have around 1300 pictures on my memory card.  Sheesh. 

After dinner Max went to the kid's club, but Michael didn't want to go this time.  Instead, he chose to hang out with us and read a book  while we sat up by the Lido pook looking out at the scenery.  We saw lots of whales, but nothing fantastic like breaches.  Just some spouts. 

Michael has become a book nerd.  At least he comes by it honestly.  Since we started this cruise on 4/6, he has read the last 4 Harry Potter books, plus The Golden Compass and Julie of the Wolves and has started another book today.  We found a little bookstore in Juneau that has a ton of awesome books and a guy behind the counter that is big a book addict as I have seen.  We get in there and leave with a book every time.  So, he and Michael are becoming friends and he is suggesting books for Michael to read.  Pretty cute really.  So, on to some pictures.  Let's start with Juneau, yesterday.

Prior to arriving we noticed a ship following in the distance.  It is the Zuiderdam.  I think they are trying to get me back...patience Zuiderdam, patience. 

A fun picture of the mural on the city hall.

Part of teh treck up toward the mountain and trails.  Quite a few stairs for a little guy. 

Along another staircase is where I found my 'gold ike substance'  Believe it or not, this is it.  There are shiny flakes scattered amongst what appears to be quartz crystals. 

On to Glacier Bay.  See, not a cloud in the sky.  You can see a glacier in this one and the beautiful mountains in the background that were totally obsured by clouds last time.

Another shot of the Marjorie Glacier.  If you look close you can see a helicopter swooping in to land on it for a tour. 

Michael and Max.

I like this one.  What a spectacular day for glacier gazing.

Michael into his book. 

I love the blue ice of the glacier. 

Tomrrow, Sitka and third call.  Should be fun, if not so clear and beautiful.

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