Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Raiatea, Society Islands and 300th post

Yeah for me!  300 posts in the life of this blog.  I had no idea at post 1 what post 300 would bring. 

So, on with it.  Enough self congratulatory twaddle. 

Today was one of those days with everything I like about this job mixed right in with everything I don't like.  Well, most everything. 

I was third call and yesterday was ridiculously busy.  I ate lunch at the desk in the infirmary so I could watch this morning's disembark and catch up on the paperwork from the morning clinic.  So, we woke up this morning, I set the alarm for 0630 because Sarah wanted to get up and watch us pull in because it was supposed to be really pretty.  She did and it was, I slept.  Then up for breakfast and in to the clinic to check and make sure all was well.  Called down during breakfast to do cabin calls.  Do a couple of cabin calls and then off to a presentation on environmental stewardship in the upcoming Alaska season. 

Then time for a boat drill for Sarah and the kids. 

Then we checked back in with the clinic.  Of course, there was something they needed me to do with the disembarking patient that would keep me around for a while.  I helped out and then we finally got cleared to hightail it out at around 11.  So, we get off and Sarah looks at some shops and the kids and I wander around looking for lizards and exloring a park.  Then we get hungry.  Of course, none of the food looks very good and 500pf sounds like a lot to pay for some questionable looking food. We have a Lido deck full of free food right there, so we decide to head back aboard and eat lunch before we head back ashore.  Ooops.

Because of course another seriously ill patient has come along since then and I will be asked to stick around and help with the disembark.  Because I just had to walk right in front of medical on the way to the dining area.  So, I was stuck. 

It took a couple of hours to get everything done that needed to be done to get the patient stable and paperwork in shape enough that I could leave.  By this time is was around 2.  All aboard was 4:30.  So, again, we left the ship and decided to hike up the nearest mountain.  Of course we did. 

Along the climb we were met with a variety of exotic birds, horses (they spoke french), cows, chickens, dogs and pigs.  They didn't seem to even notice we were there for the most part, but they lent a certain pastoral air to the day.

It was hot, we had to stop for rest, even though we were tight on time.

The mysterious 'Hill Cow', reclusive by nature.

It's not safe to go alone, take this...

On the way up, a couple coming down offered to take out picture.  Max did get a ride up the last 1/4- 1/5 of the way.  Sarah and I took turns.  In his defense, his legs are awful short.  Also, we were so short of time, he could have done it all himself had we had another 45 minutes or so.

Finally, at the top.  It was beautiful up there and there was a nice, cool breeze.  We could see Taa'ha and Bora Bora. 

Of course I have to be me. 

We shared a quick smooch and headed back down.  The ship was leaving in less than 90 minutes. 

Back down to sea level, we looked back on our trip.  2600 feet up and then back again in just 2.5 hours.  It was a nice visit, if short.  Then back on the ship to sail away for Bora Bora tomorrow. 

And a beautiful sail away it was.  Of course, Sarah took the last picture because I was down in the infirmary taking care of some paperwork.  Tomorrow I am second call and splitting time with the doctor.  I don't know what that will end up being. 

Not bad for 300 posts.  I wonder if I will get another 300.  Wish me luck, 


  1. Wow it looks hideous there! j/k Looks beautiful and glad you guys are having a good time. :)

  2. Stay away from the infirmary!!! My favorite was the reclusive