Saturday, April 27, 2013

4/26/13 Mo'orea

What a day.  Wait, what a night and day.  Yesterday just never seemed to want to stop.  I got the emergency call at 1900 that lasted 2 hours plus cleanup. Then I got the 0030 call that lasted two hours plus cleanup.  Then I got the 0630 call that lasted...wait for it,  just about two hours. Which meant that I left the seat warm for the Laura, who took the call and clinic over at 0800.  Ok, so the last one was only 86 minutes or so. 

Then, back to the room to wake up with Sarah and the kids.  After a weary and bleary breakfast, it was open tenders and away. 

We hit shor right around 1000 and picked up our rental car.  We decided first to go up to Belvedere, which they say is French for 'lookout'.  It is pretty scenic.

Of course, we all aim and crop and try really hard to get this picture...

When what you are really dealing with is this...

Tour busses and crowds and cars.  This is the most public viewpoint and the most easily accessible.  So, it gets a lot of traffic.  Desiring to leave that traffic, we took the Annana Road (Pineapple Road)  It is a dirt backroad usually reserved for 4 wheel drives.  Our Citroen was more than up to taking us through farmland so we could see scenic vistas.

Back on the main road, we found a scenic turnout over the Sofitel Resort.  Across the straight there is Tahiti.

Not too much further up the road, we stopped at a grocery store for baguettes and mixed nuts, lunch snack of champions.  We sat on an oceanside bench to eat.

Then we drove down what we hoped was the right road for a, wait for it, waterfall hike.  It was the right road and where the road stopped, we got out and walked.  At first the trail was easy and still almost a road.

Then it got tougher and much more awesome. 

It kicked us out at the plunge pool for a tall, but not too voluminous waterfall.  I can't recall the name right now, no sleep will do that to you.  There was a middle school class there doing an art project. 

I like waterfalls. 

We all had a great time.  Michael and Max waded about the pool exploring the life there and found ghost shrimp, crawfish and...

This guy.  He was an eel that was very curious about us and kept creeping closer and closer. 

Then we began the trek back to the car.  Michael and Max loved tromping through the forest this time and it was all we could do to keep them slowed down for safety.

Then we found a passion fruit that had dropped from a tree, perfectly ripe.  We enjoyed it and headed back to the car. 

We finished the circle drive around the island and took tons of pictures, but they will have to wait for another day.  Tonight we are in Pape'ete, Tahiti.  More to come tomorrow. 

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  1. Love seeing your pictures. I'm headed to that voyage this fall. I'm excited to see these for myself!