Saturday, April 27, 2013


Today was a 2nd call day that felt much like a 1st call day. 

I didn't get off the ship.  Sarah and the boys did, but only for a short time and they didn't bring the camera because we were all going to go out later.  Didn't turn out that way.  So Sarah went off and got a few pictures of things around the harbor that I asked her to, she is sweet like that.

Tomorrow is a sea day and I am first call.  Next day I am off in Nuku Hiva.  Then we are back at sea and headed back to the US.  I am looking forward to being back around familiar things for a while.  It will be nice. 

So, not much to report today. I haven't even looked at the pictures Sarah took yet.  Maybe there will be a picture post later. 

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