Friday, April 19, 2013

Fanning Island

We arrived on Fanning Island.  The whole island is this narrow ring, around 100 yards wide that runs for 10 miles or so.  Inside is a beautiful turquoise lagoon.  This lady was walking along with her baby and I just liked the picture. 

This is the one that should have started, but the order is messed up and I am too tired to fix it.  Here you can see the "English Channel"  It is a channel blasted into the circle to let ships inside the lagoon.  We anchored out and had the tenders take us in. 

A scenic shipwreck around which you can dive.

These are some kids that were performing a hula type dance for cash donations.  I have a video that I will post when I can. 

Michael and Max were big news on the island.  They were bombarded with declarations of love and at one point even had a stalker.  It was cute. 

Of course, they were just interested in going swimming.  Gotta play it cool.

We had fresh, and I do mean fresh, coconut water and coconut.  They were bringing them down and breaking them open to order.

The kids all lined up to watch the passengers depart.  It was a unique place and experience. 

These were some of Michael and Max's admirers.  They said they loved them.  I'm sure they say that to all the boys. 

More pictures later when I can.

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