Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Had a bit of a blow up yesterday.  Just a personal thing really.  I had some vile, putrid, ichor that needed venting about this job.  I think I was understood somewhat.  I know I was heard.  So, incised and drained of the purulence, today is better. 

Sometimes this job can get to you. 

So today is 2nd call.  Middle of nowhere Pacific ocean.  The nearest land is a little over 14,000 feet away, straight down.  The weather finally improved some.  The first few days have been high 50's temperatures and overcast.  Today the sun came out and we saw the low end of the 70's.  The water is a brilliant blue color. 

It is nice to have the laptop here.  I am writing again, at least a little.  It is still hard to fit writing in as I haven't figured out where or when is a good time.  It will take a while until I realize that any time is as good a time as any other and just write whenever I have the opportunity.  I will get there though.  I want to get the rough draft of the Adventure Nickel book done before I continue the fiction I am working on.  It just seems wrong to divide my time between the two. 

We have another sea day before we pull into Oahu.  It will be nice to see Hawaii again. 

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