Friday, April 12, 2013


Ahhh, Honolulu. 

I came through here twice in the Navy.  I came once with Sarah right before we got married.  Each time I was convinced I would never make it back again. 

Well, I made it back.  This time we brought the kids. 

It was a busy last sea day with me as first call.  We went from one potential disembarkation to five disembarks yesterday.  They all left this morning around 1100.  Then I changed clothes and we headed out into the town where we caught a bus (two transfers) that took us to Diamond Head crater and we went hiking.  It was nice.  We made it up by distracting Max with enough questions that he was too busy to complain about how tired he was.  Once distracted, he powered right up like it was no big deal. 

On the way down I noticed an older lady who didn't look too well so I stopped and talked to her.  One thing lead to another and she ended up being airlifted off the slope.  I was well down and by the park ranger station by then.  This medical thing seems to follow me around.

Then we took another bus back to Waikiki beach where we had Hula dogs and then fruit and gelato crepes.  They were awesome. 

Now we are back on the ship and the kids are already sleeping.  Tomorrow we will still be here.  I think there is a WalMart resupply run on the agenda and I'm not sure what else.  Since I had such a wonderful day and the team will be helping me out on Michael's birthday, I will offer to stick around so someone else can leave if they want. 

Now, let's see if I can get some pictures up. 

At the park entrance.

Walking up the path leading to the ascent path.

A little over halfway up the climb. 

At the top!  We made it.

I don't know why this one came out of order.  This was a spiral staircase on the way up. 

 The helicopter evacuating the lady.

A beautiful banyan tree in the international marketplace that I remembered from other visits.  One of my favorite trees in the world.  It is amazing. 

More pictures later.  This is the best I could do for now. 

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  1. You would be there for a helicopter evac... :) Glad to see you're enjoying the perks of the job with the family! Love the pics. Your boys look so much like you!