Saturday, April 6, 2013


Onbaord msWesterdam and pointed, well, uhhh...West.  2200+ nautical miles to the next port. I must say the food is good and the decor is more to my taste.  Everyone so far seems nice and pleasant.  Sarah is visibly excited to be aboard and the kids are too after they found out there will be Club HAL after all.  It won't be as awesome perhaps as last time because there is only one other kids their age on the ship, but they will get some kid's club action. 

We were moored at the pier in San Diego.  This brought back some memories.  I think for Dad too.  He seemed excited to be around a ship again and sad that we couldn't get him aboard.  I didn't know what the process was to get a visitor onboard.  I will next time though.  Sorry Dad. 

As I looked around the bay, I could see a ship almost identical to the one I was aboard when I was in the Navy.  They have all been decommisioned now and are USNS ships.  Talk about deja vu.  Kind of cool in a way.

The captain got on the loudspeaker for a weather and course report and stated that it will be a little heavy in the next few days with 9-12 foot swells and some higher winds due to a front moving through.  That caused a small surge in motion sickenss pill procurement by the more forward thinking passengers. 

Well, I am first call tomorrow and will be up and at it early. So I think it is about bedtime. 

Thanks again to Dad and Julia for their wonderful hospitality.  Good night. 

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