Friday, March 8, 2013



This morning we rushed and got Sarah and the boys off so she could start the long journey home.  I got dressed in my uniform and helped carry luggage up through customs.  As we stood in line, 5 or 600 people back from the agents, we saw another officer come whipping through with his family.  So, we snuck in behind them and got up to the front of the line.  I looked at my watch and had only 5 minutes to get back to the clinic because the CMO was 1st call and I had to keep the doors open. I said good bye and gave lots of kisses.

Then the kids started to cry. 

Not the bawling, red faced cry that is sad, but kind of annoying.  Nope.  Michael just pulled his glasses off and wiped the tears away and tried valiantly, but vainly to keep his face from cracking.  Max just dropped his chin to his chest and shook. 

Breaks my freaking heart.  I get misty typing it.  I'm not built for this separation from my family. 

I'm still tired from last night too.  Some sleep will help.  Getting Miche on board will help, but it won't be right again, really right, until I am together with my family. 

Sorry for the downer folks.  It ain't all sunshine and roses. 

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