Monday, March 4, 2013


Panama day part II, this time it's personal.

OK, maybe not.  So we went back through the locks and anchored and then went back out again.  I didn't see that much of it this time. 

Last night was a bit of a rougher time at sea than we have had so far.  We discovered a wrenching new creak to the room on top of the old one.  The fan is useless against the racket.  Seriously.  And I got called out twice for the same cast member who pulled a muscle while dancing.  He apparently was in dire enough pain to call me once and then have his boss call me to wake up the crew doctor for some muscle relaxers.  He wasn't, however, bad enough to drag his own butt out of bed and show up for the follow up visit this morning.  Nice. 

After we docked in Colon, we all got off for a bit, just to get off the ship.  I brought the camera and didn't take one picture.  Not a scenic place, at all.  It is a small squre shopping center surrounded by dilapidated old buildings.  It's shipyards and industrial docks.  Since we are only there for two hours, there isn't enough time to really get out and see anything either.  So we bought a new memory card for the camera.  That way Sarah can take the current one with her and Papa can get some pictures.  Then back aboard.

The sail away was interesting.  We weaved our way through bouys while an armada of tankers, cargo ships and trawlers sat anchored off to the side behind the breakwater.  As we passed through the break, waves crashed ten feet high plumes of water against the stones.  It was neat. 

Tonight, we kept the kids and watched the first Harry Potter movie.  They liked it.  Now there is some kind of Indonesian party going on in the halls.  Should be a restful evening.  I can almost hear the walls creak.

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