Thursday, March 7, 2013


Well, last day cruising as a family for a few weeks.  While I am looking forward to getting Michelle onboard (my sister for those who read this and aren't related to me.), I already miss Sarah and the boys and they haven't left yet.

They have to be off before 0930 tomorrow morning.  Our wake up is scheduled for 0700.  I am on watch until 0215.  Good times.  No big deal though. 

Every once in a while, most often when we mention homeschooling, people give us that look.  You know, the one that a dog makes when it hears a high pitched noise.  The head tilts to the side, the eyebrows go up and you can almost see the little thought bubble sprouting from their head, "WTF?"  It also shows up when we mention that we are all currently living out of the one bed cabin.  Funny thing...the more we stay here and associate with many of the Phillipino and Indonesian workers, the less strange that stuff becomes.  It ranks right up there as FWP, First World Problems. 

The overwhelming majority of the world live in much harsher conditions than we do here on the ship.  To compare them is almost like comparing bb guns to the space shuttle.  People live happy, contented, wonderful lives without all of the things and trappings that most of us in the US take completely for granted.  Many of those things that are assumed as 'normal' I am not convinced are even beneficial. 

I was talking with one of the Dutch officers onboard.  I mentioned home schooling and somwhere in the distance there must have been air escaping from something because the head tilted and the eyebrows went up.  He couldnt' believe that we were so lax in our country as to let people homeschool for whatever reason they wanted.  It wasn't as bad with us because we obviously valued education, but most people...

It got me to thinking.  I'm not sure I do value education.  I value knowledge, certainly.  Education may mean something different though. What I want for my kids is what I think most people want for their children.  I want them to have options.  I want them to ahve enough knowledge and character to be able to accomplish what they want.  If Michael wants to be an engineer, I want to help him with that.  If he wants to be a dancer, I want to help with that. I don't want to impose limits on them.  I want them to be able to explore their own limits. 

I think what we are doing is going to help in that area.  Of course, I could be wrong. 

If I am, I'll try to help them find a good therapist. 

Since I have the time, I am going to try some pictures. 

This is, as Max put it, "My first friend on A deck."  Her name is Ayu and she just loved the boys. 

On the Zuiderdam, the Lido pool sculpture is polar bears. 

Sunset on the last cruising day of the trip was beautiful.  Only my family was more so.

Chris, the LMO, Captain Willems, Sandra the other MO and Staff Captain Jon. 
Good people.

Michael and Max in Club Hal with Jacob.  This was their Shangrila.  They loved it here.

The young lady is Bella, daughter of Abigail and the first officer.  Nice folks. 

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