Sunday, March 3, 2013


Cartegena, Colombia

Today we stood on our second continent of the year.  Well, I was technically only on a pier which is attached to said continent, but it counts. 

I was first call, so I only got off the ship briefly while we disembarked a patient.  Sarah and the boys and Chris, the LMO went out and explored the city.  By all reports it was quite an enjoyable trip. They paid a taxi driver to take them around for a couple of hours and show them different things.  At one point they saw a man sitting under a mango tree.  He would reach up into the tree and pull down a mango, slice it up and put it in a cup for sale.  Yep, had to get some of that. 

Michael bragged that he was cockatoo's, parrots and even a toucan out wild.  He was quite excited.  Max thought it was cool too.  Of course Max become a little celebrity on the ship.  All of the Indonesian and Phillipino crew love him. He gets high fives and fist bumps from the guys and hugs and kisses from the girls.  Michael gets some too, but Max is rolling in it.  As we walked up to the kid's club he said that all the workers here were his friend.  They loved him on A deck. 

Tomorrow morning is the Panama canal.  Let's hope for a quiet night.  Sarah took some pictures today, but I don't think I will try the upload tonight.  I will get a batch up later.

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