Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ahhh St. Thomas, I couldn't wait to leave.  The landscape of the island reminds me quite a bit of Avila Beach in central California.  It does appear, however, to be missing a large landmass to the East.  Instead, a short distance off is another beach.  Which is beautiful by all accounts.  I don't know.  I chose not to go ashore today.

Good thing too.  Because it was very busy in the clinic today.  We disembarked three people.  Two of them made it back and were able to reboard and continue the cruise, but the third had to stay.  Everything happened all at once and then there was a break and then it all happened again.  Each of the three disembarks made two appearances.  The last disembark actually happened late enough that the ship was waiting for the ambulance to arrive before it could leave.  Believe it or not, the Captain and the Chief Officer (XO for you Navy guys) get a little anxious when they can't leave at the appointed hour. 

Tomorrow is a sea day. 

Here, have pictures. 

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