Tuesday, January 22, 2013


San Juan. Puerto Rico.  The long awaited day off.  As soon as they released us I was off an on my own out in the streets of a strange city.  It was lovely. 

I can't wait to get home where I will be able to update the Adventure Nickel website with some pictures and videos. 

Old San Juan is much like what my imagination brings to mind when I hear the phrase 'old world city'.  The streets are narrow and lined with blue bricks.  Three and four story buildings spring up after only a foot or two of sidewalk.  As I walked down the streets I was occasionally met with the sound of a television blaring and I could see as I walked past, a grandmother watching not three feet from me.  Comfortably ensconced in her sofa, she paid no mind to the passers by.  Another time a calico cat sat perched on the counter of a kitchen, peering through the slats of the wooden shutters at all of the people. 

I wandered back and forth between the two old stone forts before descending the hill and wandering through the old city.  Many beautiful parks were nestled in between the buildings and streets.  It is a city where I could imagine you must be a part of the larger community.  The proximity thrusts you into the lives of your neighbors.  Each person must become a diplomatic ambassador for their family in the community.  I saw friends slow to shout greetings through upper balcony windows open to receive the cool carribean breeze. 

Another thing I saw was more cats.  There seem to be an endless stream of semi stray cats around the city.  People leave thin aluminum roasting pans full of food out for them.  I don't know if it is more because they love the cats or loathe the rats that might spring up in their abscence. 

It was a beautiful day made less so only because I was not able to share it with Sarah.  Next time dear.  Until then, pictures will have to do. 

The mighty "E".  Kind of fitting really.  Sometimes it is hard to get over just how big this thing is. 

 This is the picture I took while I was talking on the phone to Sarah.  I never actually made it down into the cemetary, but there were some really ornate statues and memorials.

Man, I miss my good camera.

The blue brick streets.

The lighthouse for Jane.

I guess this is one way to entertain the kids.  I'll not pretend to understand this one. 

 A lovely little park sprung up.  There are a ton of cats wandering throughout and a cat lady there to tend them.  She is in the back on the right extolling the virtues of the cats to passers by.

That's all for now.  Man I miss the good camera.

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