Sunday, January 20, 2013


Some days just don't need to be blogged about. 

So instead...

I was thinking today of how much I miss home.  Odd concept for me, home.  Home isn't where I sleep, it isn't where my stuff is, it is where my people are, wherever that may be.  And, that isn't a new development. 

Here is a list of the places I have called home in my 39 years. 

I was born in Long Beach, CA.  Not really home.
Oswego, NY
Virginia Beach, VA (Thanks Mom for reminding me)
Doylestown, OH
Ardmore, OK
Shawnee, OK
Houston, TX
Branson, MO
Concord, CA

None of that counts a year on a road crew living out of hotels while I built cell telephone towers.  It doesn't count the time spent on the road doing shows as an audio engineer.  It doesn't count any of the RV living over the past few years.  It distill my travels in the Navy to our homeport, where we didn't spend much time anyway.  During these travels, only one of my family has really had a long term home.  Well, maybe two now.  I'm a nomad and always have been apparently.  So, to me home has always been represented by wherever the largest number of my family members were currently living.  Until Sarah, then the kids.  Now home is wherever they are.  Right now I miss home. 

Less than a week left. 

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