Monday, December 17, 2012


OK..I'm here. 

You can make me show up, but you can't make me do anything. 

I'm tired.  A trip to Houston with a visit from the in-laws following, then three pretty busy days at work.  Mix in another head cold and you have the recipe for a tired blogger. 

Last night I got home and the kitchen sink was dripping.  Sarah's dad had looked at it and said something to her about needing to replace some part inside the handle.  I was so tired I was just going to ignore it, but the dripping noise achieved a certain cinematic tell tale heart quality in my brain and I decided to try to fix it. 

Probably not the brightest idea under the circumstances. 

I found the part that needed replacing.  I also managed to change the drip into a torrent and that led us to turning off the water for the night. So, first thing this morning, I was up and out to the hardware store for a tiny little rubber piece.  Got it, got it home and installed and we had water again.  Somewhere in there, another piece broke.  Now, the handle turns the water off, but instead of turning 90 degrees, it turns all the way around.  Something more to fix.

At work, I recently started a word of the day.  Somehow.  Not sure how that happened really.  One of the recent words came in to play with this incident and I will share it with you now.


Go ahead and look it up.  The more you know...

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