Friday, December 21, 2012


Well, the world ended and apparently no one noticed. 

I hate it when that happens.  They threw an apocalypse and nobody came. 

I choose to look at it like the world did end and now we have a brand new shiny one to work with.  Let's try not to screw it up too badly please.

We drove back to Houston today...again.  Since I work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we are having Christmas tomorrow.  SO we drove here and plan on having our festivities in our old house, now the residence of Sarah's brother.  Should be kind of neat and kind of weird and fun all at the same time. 

Being the busy people we are, we also fit a doctor's visit and a visit to the optometrist into the day.  We are finishing up some of the paper work for the cruise ship job.  Hard to believe, but two weeks from today I am scheduled to be on board the Eurodam.  Wow, that is pretty soon. 

Oh well, I can't write too much tonight because I have to go play Santa Clause. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

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