Saturday, December 22, 2012


We had Christmas today.  Woke up this morning and the kids came down to open the presents we gave them and their stockings.  It was the full Christmas experience, just a few days early.  The kids let us sleep until 7 am, which was nice.  After some much needed coffee, we changed clothes and headed out to Matt and Jenny's house, which used to be ours. 

It was strange, because all of the signals had been Christmas morning.  Then we went outside and the normal Christmas lull wasn't there.  Usually, when you go out on Christmas, there are only a few people driving and some folks outside playing with their new belongings.  They wear that dumb smile on their face that communicates they are really pretty happy.  None of that.  Instead we met heavy traffic and people wearing the grim countenance of last minute holiday shoppers.  So, we battled our way over and made it to our old house.

I like what Matt and Jenny have done with the place. 

When we left, we left a lot of stuff behind.  Our living room furniture, the guest room furniture, lawn care tools, appliances, tables and chairs, patio furniture, all still there.  Heck, even the Christmas tree was the one we left behind. 

After some breakfast, we eventually opened presents.  All of the gits were great and everyone had a nice time.  I think everyone was happy. 

After presents, we had lunch.  We got to see our old cat that stayed behind with the house.  We went for a walk through the old neighborhood, just like old times.  We talked to our old neighbors, it was neat. 

Both Sarah and I were struck by something.  Nothing much had changed.  When we left, we felt like we weren't going anywhere, just spinning our wheels.  We came back to find that most things were just like we left them.  Kids were older, adults were older.  People had different cars and some people had moved.  But really, it was all the same.  We however, had changed quite a bit.  We had been places, and seen things. We had discovered things about ourselves by being in unusual places and circumstances.  The same lawn had been mowed, the same commute driven, the same television shows watched. 

All this same happened while we were out doing different. It made both of us happier with our lives.  I think that is the best holiday gift so far.

Pictures will be posted once we make it back to the house.  I forgot to bring the cable that connects the camera to the computer.  Merry Christmas.

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