Thursday, December 20, 2012


2000 words. 

I read another writer's blog, it was about working and learning a craft, and she brought up Stephen king's 2000 words a day edict.  He stated in his book, On Writing, that he wrote at least 200o words a day, every day.  Yep, even on those days when 200 feels like an accomplishment.  It is the work needed to hone your abilities into something good. 

I am writing a book about our adventures, the page count stands at 78 right now.  I try to write something for the AFO challenge every month. I have an idea for his month, but haven't put it to paper yet.  Sigh.   I am trying to keep my daily word count up.  One, two, three, do those count?  How about these:


Good words.  I think that will about do it for today.  BTW, those words were some of the ones I chose for the word of the day at work.  I do try to keep my co-workers entertained. 

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