Saturday, August 18, 2012


Changed tires around on the house today.  We had the bubble tire on the trip out and replaced it with the spare.  Finally got around to having a new tire put on the rim so I pulled the spare off and put the new tire on.  Then I took a tire off the other side and put the spare there.  The other tire had some damage and needed replacing.  I'll get to the other two soon I guess.

While I was working I heard Sarah admonish the kids to, "Stop jumping around, Daddy has the house jacked up."  Isn't that what ever little girl dreams of saying?

Also got the tool today I need to repair the slide out cable.  Now I just have to order the repair kit.  Probably will buy two and then be ready when something else breaks.

The salt and marine air is hell on the exposed metal parts of anything around here.  I need to figure out a good way to stop that and repair some of the spots that have appeared. 

Yep, my vacation life.

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