Friday, August 17, 2012


Today, like any day I am not working, Max started bugging me immediately to go outside and play catch.  He would do it all day, every day, if given the opportunity.  So, a few times every day I will go out and play catch with him for 20 minutes or so.  He catches pretty well, but he throws very well.  Of course, I am biased.

While I was washing the dog, Max saw some new neighbor boys visiting one of the RV's here.  They were 8th graders from Davis, CA.  Max noticed they were playing catch with a football and somehow got their attention.  Then they started playing catch with Max.  They, and eventually some other neighbors all came out to watch Max throw.  They asked Sarah his name so they could say they knew him when he was just a kid. 

After dinner I went out with Max and played catch and I got to witness some of this first hand.  All I heard was how awesome Max was.  Apparently several people have taken notice of us playing catch out there and they are impressed with Max's skills. 


Now, another interesting thing happened here.   Michael came out and wanted to play too.  He had been hearing all this adoration of Max and wanted to get in on some of it.  I think he is really used to being the star of the show with his big brain, language and reading skills.  It became obvious pretty quickly that Michael isn't much at catch.  And I'll quote Michael at one point after missing an easy catch, "You have probably noticed that I'm not the best football player in the park." 

I was impressed with his ability to assess himself and most of all his ability to let Max shine.  He didn't belittle or try to minimize what Max was doing.  He wasn't exactly doing PR for him or anything, but he seemed to realize that it was Max's turn to shine. 


It made me feel like Sarah is doing a great job raising the kids.  :-)

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