Friday, July 20, 2012


Just blew off today. 

Woke up, had coffee and decided, eventually, to drive North to Big Sur and check things out.  So we did.  There was a waterfall hike we wanted to do and another short, but interesting hike we looked at.  Drove for a few hours.  We checked out some elephant seals on a beach, saw the Hearst Castle from a distance and drove the twisty roads.  We got to the state park and found that no dogs were allowed on trails.  So we left Satchel in the truck at the really short hike and checked out a neat waterfall.  When we got to the park for the longer hike, still only 1.5 mile round trip, we were reminded by the park ranger that no dog were allowed on the hike and it was too hot to leave the dog in the car.  68 degrees in the shade.  Too hot. 

Not wanting to piss off a ranger and get cited, we turned around and drove home.  Oh well. 

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