Monday, July 23, 2012


Another busy day. 

Today's project was the hot water heater.  You are supposed to clean them out at least annually they say.  We have been living full time in here for two years.  Oops.  To say it was quite disgusting would be understating it by an order of magnitude.  There were pounds of scale buildup.  The water draining out was a dark grey that obscured the bottom of the container when it was only inches deep.  I am ashamed to say this. 

Now, I have never been Mr. Maintenance.  I am trying to get better.  The list of things I need to fix is shortening at the moment faster than it is increasing.  I am a humbled man by this disgusting experience.  Yeeeecccchhhh. 

The sulpher smell was awful.  I can't believe we were bathing in that stuff.  I didn't have enough supplies even to properly clean it.  Luckily one of our neighbors is a Mr. Fixit type who was there to lend a hand, some tools and some advice.  I tried to rely on him as little as possible.  I could see the barely concealed contempt at the state to which I had allowed the heater to degrade.  I rationalized in my head that this maintenance was important to him because of his background in auto mechanics and I spent my efforts maintaining my physical condition.  He smokes.  I joked with him when I left on my run today that it was time for a different type of maintenance.  Still.  Doesn't matter, I should have done better.  I'm trying.  I thanked him for the use of the two tools he loaned me and the advice.  He is a nice guy. 

Sigh.  Then I cleaned out the shower head that was filled with crap that probably came directly from the hot water heater.

Tonight the kids are getting a bit of a lesson.  They were told we would all watch a movie together, Second Hand Lions, if they cleaned their room quickly.  They dawdled and played.  Sarah repeatedly warned them.  She stood in the room and told them they needed to hurry.  They didn't care.  So she told them movie night was cancelled.  Many tears ensued, but she stuck to her guns and there will be no movie night for them tonight.  Ohhh, the sad stretched faces.

Maybe we will watch a movie after they go to bed.

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