Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sarah's birthday eve.

Tonight we went to the SLO farmer's market.  Apparently it is the oldest farmer's market in the US.  Cool.  Seemed more like a street fair with a farmer's market attached.  It was still fun though.  We checked out the sights and stopped at a booth where they sold Five Fingers.  Ended up buying a pair.  Hope they work out. 

Michael is now catching the cold that Max just finished.  It seems to be hitting him a little bit harder than it hit Max.  Tonight he was telling us that he remembered being in the hospital when he was 3.  HE said he remembers seeing himself from above while he was lying in the bed.  I think he is just picturing it in his head from having heard it so many times.  He also wanted to know what it was like while we were at home without him.  We told him that one of us was always there with him and usually both of us were.  He seemed impressed.  Kids. 

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