Friday, July 20, 2012


Just got home from work and cleaned up.  Normally I don't blog after work...too tired.  But there is something I wanted to mention while I was still kind of excited about it. 

This morning I got an email from the Tough Mudder folks.  It was an invitation to the World's Toughest Mudder.  The requirements are that you finish in the top 5% of the times at your event.  Now, before I get too high and mighty there are a few caveats.  There is no official time keeper.  My time was measured from my scheduled time til when I remembered to ask Sarah how long it took.  Not everyone reports their time.  Only those interested in being invited to the WTM.  So, it could be that only 5% of the people who ran reported their time, so everyone reporting got an invite.  It also might be that anyone that seems interested gets invited as the entry fee is over three times the normal entry fee.  Still, I am proud and I have the email saying I was in the top 5%.  Yeah me!

The WTM is like a normal TM course, but it is a 24 hour endurance event.  Whoever completes the most distance in the time allotted wins.  It is a $15,000 prize.  I don't think I could win, I don't even think I could go.  Sure would be interesting to try some day though.  I guess that makes me weird. 

Oh well.  Time for bed.

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