Sunday, July 15, 2012

Posted by THEROTU.
Well, today I'm struggling with my sanity so I thought, "what the heck, I'll put it on the blog".  After dragging kids to do laundry at the local laudromat on a Sunday afternoon, in an oceanside vacation city, with a huge GMC3500 dually that doesn't fit anywhere...I'm tired.  One of the kids then had an accident at the grocery store right after all the laundry was clean.  Yay.  Then we HAD to get the next book for Michael because he finished his book report (which is his assignment he now has to complete to get a new book since he whips through them so fast). Of course, they don't have the book he wants so the nice lady who owns the used book store calls a few other stores to see if they have it to no avail.  She takes down my number and said she'd call if it comes in.  An hour later she calls and says she has it.  Gee.  Michael begs and pleads so I go BACK to the store and pick it up.  Don't forget.  I'm driving this big, huge, red truck.  Michael also likes to remind me that this truck is not "green" and it's really bad for the Earth.  Thank you, Michael.  Oh just a typical day for Mommy.

So when the "real world" gets me down, the best way for me to get over the blues is to go on an adventure.  Eric has been a little down since the Tough Mudder as well so I sent him a text saying that I thought we should go on a family hike tomorrow to Montana de Oros.  Now I find we can't take the dog.  Darn.  Why can't anything be easy?  I also have to pack for our hike tomorrow or we'll never get out before noon, and I need to make dinner so Eric doesn't have to eat frozen food again after working a grueling 14 hour day.  It's 615pm.  I'm tired.  Now I wonder, if I lived in a "sticks and bricks" house would I still be this tired?  Probably.  Would I be considering hiking around the California coast tomorrow to see a chain of ancient volcanic peaks by the Pacific Ocean?  Probably not.  I'd be considering pulling weeds or mopping a floor that is much larger than 8'x4'.  I'd be reminded we need a new roof and thinking that the walls needed cleaning or some insane thought such I this.  So rv living still has its ups.  Now if I can just shake off "the real world" and try to enjoy my "vacation life".  Oh yes, the rv walls need cleaning too.  Darn.  Tomorrow we're hiking and I'm going to see pretty stuff if it kills me!

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