Tuesday, May 22, 2012


First day of work in the real ER is done.  It wasn't as useful as it could have been.  At 6 AM they are going to move into the new hospital next door and so I didn't spend much time trying to learn where everything was.  And, with a new environment, there will be process changes.  So I just tried to help out.  Tomorrow should be pretty chaotic with no one really knowing where anything is, so I suspect it will be more just trying to be helpful while watching how things work.  Then, maybe Wednesday I can be productive.  We will see. 

This place essentially uses paper charting with a computer system in place to satisfy a Medicare/Medicaid requirement for reimbursement.  No really useful at all.  They are going to a  more integrated system in October by report, but they were supposed to move into the new building in March too.  So, time will tell. 

Another contract, another system and fresh challenges.  Keeps it interesting. 

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