Monday, December 19, 2016

Back to work

Yeah, like I was taking lots of time off.

So, the heads were off and at the machine shop getting tested. I also sent the injectors in to get cleaned and tested.

Then I went to work on the book.  Yeah, for those who don't already know, I have a book coming out soon. Just as soon as I finish it.  Which, if I keep up the work rate I am currently at, should be in around two weeks.

So yeah, busy.

The heads came back.

Pressure tested fine. Vacuum tested fine. Not warped.  They machined .006 and sent them back.

The injectors didn't fare so well. 

Five of the eight failed testing on the return part.  Apparently that is an early indication of failure.  I have the report and can speak about it all in some depth for those that are interested, but most probably aren't, so I'll spare you.

I ordered some new injectors online for the price of two virgin souls each. 

Cripes these things are expensive.

The cheapest reliable place I found them were Injectors Direct. Andrew seemed nice and they shipped fast. 

Everything else will have to wait for judgement.

So, what did I do today?

Big moment.
Changed from lefty-loosey to righty-tighty.
Wait.  I might need something a little beefier.  Maybe something a little more precise than just "that oughta do it."

I love the smell of new tools. The cost however...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First I have to finish cleaning stuff.  Now, I know I should have been doing the cleaning while the heads were in the shop, but it's been cold.   I mean below freezing in a large, unheated garage cold.  Working with liquids on a cold, iron block in below freezing temperatures was just more than I could bear. 

I'm a wimp. Sue me.

So I stayed inside and worked on the book.

Today was cleaning the block and getting all the old RTV sealant off of the intake manifold. I also cleaned out the head bolt holes.

Maybe tomorrow I can attach a head or something.

Shiny, clean heads

Brushes for cleaning out bolt holes.

Still pretty cold. I can think of a better thing here.

When it's cold, they're cold. Take them inside.

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