Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We Interrupt This Program

With breaking news.

The book is live people. 

The book is live.

Last night, I finished the last touches on the Adventure Nickel book and uploaded it to Amazon.  You can purchase it RIGHT NOW.

There will be a presale.  All presale orders get counted on the day of the release (1-6-17). If enough people buy during the presale, we could find ourselves on a best seller list and that helps with advertising and book bundles and the like.

So, wish me a Merry Christmas.  Buy the book.  I kept the price low because I want people to read it. If you do buy it, please review it honestly.  Also, I wouldn't feel bad at all if you shared a link with some friends.

I'm totally geeked.

Now, back to work on the truck and at the hospital.

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