Thursday, December 1, 2016

Headgasket Chronicles: Down to it.

Back in it, still taking things off.

Shall we?

The tools.

The electric impact wrench made the head bolts easy.

Well, the ones it could reach. Several were too cramped for the gun to reach. Then, it was the breaker bar and the deep-well impact socket.  And one, just one, that was too cramped even for that.

Passenger side head bolts out.

On the driver's side, the stud that attaches the exhaust manifold to the head didn't want to come out. Vice grips to the rescue.

And we're off!
Got the passenger head off and turned back to the engine.

Oh yeah, I never drained the coolant.  Probably should have. 


Here's the thing. I didn't see anything that looked like a blown gasket. 

There were the stains on the outside that looked like a leak, but nothing else. 

Maybe the other side.

The rear, bottom, head bolt on the driver's side required the purchase of another socket. The deep well I had been using was too long. So I had to get a regular 17mm 12 point.  The bolt can't come out until after the head comes out. There is no room.

But, come out it did.

Less coolant to drain into the cylinders.
Oh yeah, don't forget about the grounding strap connected to the passenger head.

And there it was.  Heads were off.

Still have to take the intake manifold off.  Any suggestions?

Don't look!  She's naked!
Tomorrow, the heads and injectors go to different shops for testing and cleaning.


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