Sunday, June 23, 2013


It has been a while.  I think this is the longest stretch so far this year without a post.  I would say I have been taking it easy, and I have to some extent, but things are getting done.

I re-certified in TNCC (a trauma nursing course),took care of medical and dental checks, got a new phone for me, and may have found our next job.  We haven't signed, but have been offered Santa Fe, NM.  It would be great, but less than ideal.  We wanted to stay here in Oklahoma, but couldn't seem to get it done.  I expect one of the Oklahoma jobs will come through the day I sign the NM contract. 

Sigh.  Now I have to try to remember how to move this place around.

I want a word here on how awesome and generous and hospitable everyone has been lately.  It starts and ends with my sister Michelle who built this RV pad out on her property and watched our stuff while we were out to sea.  She even climbed on top of our RV during a tornado producing storm to cover a skylight that was broken by a hailstone.  She is gutsier than I.  She has been amazing. 

But everyone has been great.  Dad and Julia and Grandma and Papa have been brilliant as well.  They have opened their homes and arms when we came to visit.  Without their generosity not of this insanity could have been possible. 

Thank you guys. 

Sorry Miche, I really wanted this to work out so we could hang out this summer.  Maybe we can try again.  I did get my Oklahoma license, seems a shame never to use it. 

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