Saturday, March 23, 2013


OK, OK, let's try to be a little less grumpy here.  I miss my family.  You can't blame a guy for being grumpy when he misses his family, right? 

Miche and I did get ashore on Curacao.  It was a nice day.  We only went places where I had already been, but it was nice to show her stuff.  She was duly appreciative and I think she enjoyed it.  I'm glad, because it appears ship life is chafing her a little bit too.  Could be my grumpiness rubbing off, of course.  Anyway, we had a good time and wandered around.  Today was a sea day.  It was also formal night.  That means we hid away in the cabin and watched Life of Pi on the television.  Good times.  And now for some pictures...

Michelle preparing to set sail from Ft. Lauderdale.  On the bow.

Sunscreen is a good idea.

A carving into a tree by the governor's mansion that I hadn't noticed before.  Pretty creepy.

Miche dipping her toes into the Atlantic. 

A colorful alley in Curacao.

Miche trying the door in my favorite grafitti alley in Curacao.


 Queen Emma bridge on the move while we ate at Iguana Joe's.

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