Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Grumpy rant follows.  If you are looking for happy go lucky or fun pictures or something, check back later when we return to our regularly scheduled program.

So, on Monday, turnaround day in FLL, I had the morning clinic and then had the afternoon clinic.  Normally, if you are first call, you have the morning clinic and then 2nd call takes the clinic from 4-6pm so you can rest.  In FLL, 1st call takes it.  At least on this cruise. 

So, the next day is Half Moon Cay.  That is the day I would have been off.  Instead, I worked the clinic in the morning after being up much of the night as I have previously detailed here.  Then, the next day, today, I had to take the morning clinic because the entire rest of the medical team had to go to the newly embarked crew meeting.  And also, since the CMO was the 1st call, I had to be here to run the clinic while he sees patients as the crew doctor, which he couldn't do because he was at the meeting.  So when the meeting was over I had to run the crew and passenger hours together. 

Then I got a couple of hours off, which I spent with Michelle hanging out on the decks watching the waves go by.  She was up sunbathing while I was in the clinic. 

Then, I have to run the afternoon clinic because I am 2nd call.  And with thirty minutes left in the day what should happen but a patient gets wheeled in who has had chest pain since the day before the cruise started.  Now I am up tonight on watch with our ICU patient until midnight when I get to go to bed so I can get up and have the clinic tomorrow since I am 1st call. 

And Michelle comes to see me and she is so sunburned that she almost looks purple.  It was a cool day with a nice breeze.  She didn't use sunscreen and was out for around 90 minutes before I got up there.  I got sunburned on my face just hanging out with her. 

Poor girl. 

I hope she recovers enough that she isn't miserable in Curacao.  I think we will wander about a little and then hit the museum. 

Fun times all around. 

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