Monday, March 18, 2013



Miche is here.  She arrived this morning and unpacked.  We got her settled in and I showed her around the ship.  Of course I introduced her to the captain and staff captain.  We set sail, it was nice.  I think she was a little overwhelmed at first but she got over that pretty fast. 

After dinner we went up to the officer's bar and hung out with Jon and Henry and Stephanie. 

It turns out that the mild awkwardness of sharing a bed with my sister won't be a problem.  While we were sitting in the OB, Jon seemed a bit taken aback that I hadn't put in a request for a passenger cabin for Miche.  I replied that I didn't know that I could do such a thing.  He made a phone call and Miche is now staying up on the 8th deck in her own cabin.  It pays to know people. 

For the record, I was a fan of Jon's before this.  What a nice guy.

So we are off on the cruise.  Tomorrow Miche gets to go off an explore Half Moon Cay.  I will be back on the ship running the clinic.  I volunteered to do so as I have been out doing the counts in the clinic on the island every time I have been there.  I don't mind staying aboard. 

Miche signed up to be an escort on a few tours in different ports and between her and the new passenger doctor, they convince me to sign up too.  I may escort the Costa Rica zip line adventure.  We will see.

Anyway, all for now. 


  1. It does pay to know people! Captain W was the one who got me first class tickets coming home after I stayed there extra when I had no LMO replacement! Hope your sister enjoys her time with you!

  2. Captain W is awesome. If he ran a plumbing company I would want to be a plumber. I am a big fan.